Welcome to the Club Toxic community.

This site is set up to provide the Goth/Industrial/Cyber scene information about what is going on in Seattle and the surrounding areas.

You will find events listings that can be saved to your computer or smartphone, listen to some of the music we love, read posts written by active members of the community, check out photos from the gallery, get info on bands, DJs, venues, and shops. This is all freely available to everyone.

So why would you want to register with this site even if it is free?

When you register with this site you get access to much more. Registered users get profile pages, can RSVP to events, post photos, chat with other users, tag people in photos, get notifications about events, leave comments, and much more. Plus, you can log in using your Facebook account.

If you are a band, DJ, promoter, or venue you can get access to personal info pages, adding and maintaining events, RSS feeds, industry info, and more with new tools and one stop publishing coming soon. That means no more posting to multiple sites like Facebook and Twitter.

This site is still being improved upon to add more elements, but feel free to explore all you like.

This weeks events:

9:00 PM - ICAL
Friday, Aug 1 2014

1st Fridays – GASP (Non-smoking event) with DJ JQ
All Friday Nights
Members: No cover before 10:00. $5.00 after
Guests: Visitors $5.00

10:00 PM - ICAL
Friday, Aug 1 2014
DJ Trent Von
(upstairs=Live Music)
(basement=Trent Von)
FENIX UNDERGROUND! — with Rick Wyatt and DJ Trent Von (Billboard DJ, C89.5 FM).